I’m Still Here

Aside from the weekly Tolkien post, it's been a few days since I've published anything on this site.  What happened?  Where have I been? Well... I have to be honest here.  I've been working and reworking that first review for A New Hope.  You'd think this would be easy.  Not so much.  I've taken eight distinctly … Continue reading I’m Still Here

Happy Star Wars Day!

It's the holiday born of a pun: "May the Fourth be with you."  It's a little cheesy, but any excuse to celebrate the Wars is perfectly fine by me.  I even enjoy Revenge of the Fifth and Revenge of the Sixth (always two, there are!).  Star Wars works great in trilogies.  Even so, I'm old school.  Generation one.  For … Continue reading Happy Star Wars Day!

Star Wars: Rebel Rising by Beth Revis

Imagine you're an eight-year-old girl.  You're hiding for your life in a small underground bunker, alone in the dark.  You've just seen your father captured.  You bore silent witness as your mother was shot and killed at point blank range right before your eyes in a bid to free him.  Your home was torched by black armored stormtroopers who went so far as to … Continue reading Star Wars: Rebel Rising by Beth Revis

New Books

I had a couple of books arrive yesterday that I'm most keen to read.  One isn't on Audible yet, and the other has a narrator that bothers me to no end, so... paper it is.  Not that there's ever a problem with that. One of the side effects of going to Scarborough every year is that … Continue reading New Books

Audible Pre-Orders

Even though I have a backlog of audiobooks I'm working through and a 40+ page wishlist on Audible, enough will never be enough.  I am geeking out big time this afternoon about my latest pre-orders.  I went a little nuts. On May 30, we've got a triple dose of awesome from the late, great Carl … Continue reading Audible Pre-Orders