Medieval Underpants and Other Blunders by Susanne Alleyn

Think you can crank out a novel about the Knights Templar just because you played a few rounds of Dungeons & Dragons?  Do you feel like you know the Victorian era just because you've read every story featuring Sherlock Holmes?  Do you pepper language with "thee" and "thou" to make your characters feel elevated and … Continue reading Medieval Underpants and Other Blunders by Susanne Alleyn

Actual Progress

You know what happens when the neighborhood is quiet over a weekend?  I'm able to think, and actual progress happens.  A few more weekends like this one, I might even have something interesting to offer on this blog for you to read. Saturday was all about monsters.  My writing partner and I have hammered (no pun intended) … Continue reading Actual Progress

Back in Action

I'm back!  Did you miss me?  Bah, you didn't even really notice I was gone. A few days out in the country turned out to be exactly what the doctor ordered.  Having said that, it wasn't without incident.  Something about there needing to be a balance to the universe.  In a nutshell, I had to … Continue reading Back in Action


It's already been a week?  I'm not going to lie here; this week went fast.  Not that I'm complaining.  The long weekend in the country did me a lot of good.  The most noise I had to deal with was a cow in labor and another cow about a half mile out sharing in sympathy moos.  Ah, … Continue reading Mutterings

Faux Gaiman

I found this video this morning on the blog of Patrick Rothfuss.  It's awesome incarnate as such things tend to be when Neil Gaiman is involved.  And thus, I share.  If it can make my Friday morning better while I'm still waiting on the coffee to kick in, it can certainly amuse someone else too.  You're … Continue reading Faux Gaiman

Projects Status

What's a blog for, if not for putting into writing some of the colliding ideas in my head?  The very act of writing helps me to figure things out sometimes, which I've said on numerous occasions, both here and in other places.  I've been asking plenty of new questions of myself lately, and if you … Continue reading Projects Status

Business for Authors: How to Be an Author Entrepreneur by Joanna Penn

If you happen to be an independent author, or want to be, this little resource comes recommended by some bestselling, longtime professional authors.  That's really the only thing that should sway your decision to read it and implement what you find here. For myself, I found this book an easy read, but the concepts in it were … Continue reading Business for Authors: How to Be an Author Entrepreneur by Joanna Penn