Early Music Explorations

For those not already in the know, I’ve decided to write a book on Medieval and Renaissance music of the Western European traditions, or Early Music as it’s come to be known.  On one hand, it’s a way to push me deeper into a subject I already love and respect.  On the other, it’s a challenge just to see if I can do it.  The target audience is for people who, like myself nearly 30 years ago, have little or no formal musical training and would like some kind of road map to help navigate through this era.  Along the way, I’ll be compiling research and writing blogs to help cement my thoughts on a variety of topics from composers to instruments to the music itself.  Feedback I get here will help to shape the final book.  Thanks in advance to all readers.

Spem in alium

Carmina Burana

Arthurian Traditions in Early Music

The King’s Ballad

Courts of Love, Castles of Hate: Troubadours & Trobairitz in Southern France 1071-1321 by Aubrey Burl

The Carmina Burana: Songs from Benediktbeuern, 3rd Edition by Tariq William Marshall

Medieval Music: A Norton Introduction to Music History by Richard H. Hoppin

Shakespeare’s Playlist

Music in the Middle Ages by Gustave Reese

Early Music Christmas Carols

Ensemble Unicorn and Oni Wytars – Music of the Troubadours

VocaMe – Kassia: Byzantine Hymns of the First Female Composer of the Occident