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Embracing Star Trek

Klingon Honor

Where No Fan Has Gone Before


Film and TV Reviews:

Star Trek: Discovery – First Reactions

Star Trek: Discovery – Mid-Season One Assessment

Star Trek: Discovery – Trust Earned

Star Trek: Discovery – Complete Season One Assessment


Episode Blogs:

Star Trek: The Original Series


Selected Books, Graphic Novels. and Other Media:

Bennett, Christopher L.

The Face of the Unknown: Star Trek: The Original Series

Crispin, A. C.

Star Trek: Sarek

Cox, Greg

Captain to Captain: Star Trek Legacies, Book 1

Goodman, David A.

The Autobiography of James T. Kirk

Ellison, Harlan

The City on the Edge of Forever

Mack, David

Best Defense: Star Trek Legacies, Book 2

Star Trek: Discovery – Desperate Hours

Mangels, Andy and Michael A. Martin

Star Trek: Enterprise: The Good That Men Do

Miller, John Jackson

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Takedown

Star Trek: Prey, Book 1: Hell’s Heart

Star Trek: Prey, Book 2: The Jackal’s Trick

Star Trek: Prey, Book 3: The Hall of Heroes

Reagin, Nancy

Star Trek and History

Swallow, James

Star Trek: Discovery – Fear Itself

Ward, Dayton

Star Trek: Discovery – Drastic Measures

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Hearts and Minds

Ward, Dayton and Kevin Dilmore

Purgatory’s Key: Star Trek Legacies, Book 3